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Chika is to have a breakout year, no matter how you look at it. Born Jane Chika Oranika in Montgomery, Alabama, the first-generation Nigerian-American rapper was named for XXL Magazineof the 2020 freshman class. And it’s easy to see why:

the self-described “Professional truth-teller” with “a tactical pen”, Chika shines in the latest edition of Press Play At Home, delivering an intimate version of “Balencies” from her major label debut EP Industry games.

“The period dedicated to the ‘Industry Games’ was a year of my life, last year in particular”, she recently Told The Recording Academy. “I think I fleshed out a lot more about myself with this project. You get more of my thought process, and how my brain actually works – I can share how crazy and hectic it gets in my brain sometimes. [Laughs.] You hear me versus my ego on that, and what it’s like for me to be that soft-spoken person, but having a bigger ego and having to defend certain words.”

“Balencies,” produced by Lido, also includes production elements chosen by her pup, Vision, who gets a cute shoutout in one of her verses. Chika’s moving and poetic lyricism shows her roots in slam poetry and the influence of her southern upbringing in the church, which had a strong musical influence on her style.

Enjoy Chika’s highly personal performance of “Balencies” and stay tuned for more great original music from GRAMMY.com’s Press Play series.

Chika Faces Music’s “Industry Games” With Frankness And Confidence In Major Record Label Debut


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