The Step Up gallery takes her outside! View the characteristics of landscape oils by artist Paul Hotvedt


Two large-scale oil paintings by Silver City artist Paul Hotvedt with the same titles as his exhibition, Time, right, and Tenacity, left. Photo by Kirsten Laskey /

Work is underway at the Step Up Gallery to set up the latest exhibition of paintings by Silver City artist Paul Hotvedt. Photo by Kirsten Laskey /

Artist Paul Hotvedt

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In 2020, the pandemic pushed a lot of people indoors but not Silver City artist Paul Hotvedt. Rather than retreat indoors, he ventured into the great outdoors.

His latest show, Time and Tenacity, reveals what he’s seen and experienced while hiking through canyons, meandering along streams, and gazing at secluded roads.

Time and Tenacity opens Thursday at the Step Up Gallery at the Mesa Public Library. There will be an event broadcast live at 6 p.m. on January 20 on the Los Alamos County Community Services Facebook page. Hotvedt will organize a tour of his 56 paintings on display in the gallery and answer questions from participants.

Step Up Gallery Director Diane Stoffel said she was excited to showcase Hotvedt’s work at the gallery.

“Her work is very striking and there is a real continuity of style from one painting to another,” she says.

Hotvedt said some of the paintings were painted near his hometown of Silver City, near the Gila Wilderness, while a few more were painted in northern New Mexico, notably near Valles Caldera. Others are landscapes he saw in his imagination.

“They are really talking about the spectacular beauty around (New Mexico),” Hotvedt said.

He added that he wanted to shine a light on the sites people see every day and “what we take for granted.”

Hotvedt said he was thrilled to see his work featured in the Step Up gallery; this is his first performance in Los Alamos.

“The Step Up Gallery is a really special place,” he said. “It’s open, it’s big and it’s a public place. I think I’m very excited to see all of this working together.

Hotvedt explained that he knew Los Alamos County Library Director Eileen Sullivan, who lived and worked in Silver City. Sullivan introduced Stoffel and Hotvedt, paving the way for the new art exhibition.

This may be Hotvedt’s first show at Los Alamos, but it’s far from his first show. He has been a landscape painter for 40 years and has traveled across the country including Kansas, Wisconsin, Oregon and Maryland to lead workshops and be a guest speaker. He also traveled to Israel.

“I love being outside – the colors and shapes are difficult,” Hotvedt said.

Similar to a musical performance, things can change quickly when you paint outside and therefore “I appreciate the risky nature of this experience,” he said.

The artistic sequence runs in Hotvedt’s family. He says he has an aunt and a cousin who paint. His father and brother were also painters.

“So they encouraged him,” Hotvedt said.

If Hotvedt is happy to share his work with the community, so too is the gallery.

Stoffel said she was happy to have an artist from outside northern New Mexico to exhibit her work at the gallery, as it gives people the opportunity to view works of art that they do not ‘might not have seen.

“I think it helps enlighten our community as they see work that they don’t see regularly,” she said, “and it’s always good for artists to see the extent of other people’s work. artists… “

The Step Gallery has a full list of exhibitions this year.

After Hotvedt’s show, the program includes:

  • From February 17 to March 14: All Schools Art Show by LAPS students
  • March 24 April 24: Legacy of Learning: 50th anniversary of the J. Robert Oppenheimer Memorial Committee
  • April 29-May 25: 26e Los Alamos Photographers’ Annual Exhibition by the Los Alamos Photography Club
  • June 2-26: Towards the face of division, Eastern Orthodox icons by Father Theophane
  • July 1 to 27: Watercolors of the Haut Désert, the work of emblematic artists of the Watercolor Society of New Mexico
  • August 12-13: 2022 Los Alamos County Fair and Rodeo
  • 8 Sep-Oct 4: Facing It Together Series, sculpture and photography by Jac Bordnick
  • 14 Oct-Nov 9: The Road Taken, a 45-year journey by Carole Belliveau
  • Nov 18-Jan 3: A special holiday show

Paintings by Paul Hotvedt awaiting hanging in the Step Up Gallery. Photo by Kirsten Laskey /


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