The creator is embarking on a new landscape in 2022


Creator is a top 50 blockchain platform as a service and a rising star in the blockchain industry with new initiatives that are sure to see it soar.

Creator, a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform that provides end-to-end services to empower the DeFi and NFT world, is gearing up to expand its reach and bring more value to its users.

The platform is developing several products and services to reach a wider user base and plans to offer attractive rewards to its long-term holders.

Creator released its full landscape six months ago and outlines its goal to adjust its roadmap to meet product-market fit as one of its requirements for sustainable growth.

The platform has seen a few changes along the way, but it is determined to deliver a product with strong blockchain fundamentals.

Koi Innovation – a platform built by $CTR holders for $CTR holders

KoiStarter is a state-of-the-art launchpad and flagship product of the Creator Platform. KoiStarter took off in an impressive fashion, launching projects such as DoragonLand, Dot Arcade and Metaxy, raising almost a million dollars! Koistarter provides a secure platform for $CTR holders to participate in private and public sales.

The creator deployed Innovation Koi, an advanced KoiStarter project to combat the constraints of investors and new projects. Koi Innovation will nurture projects with potential and support them throughout the critical stages of their development thanks to Creator’s expertise and experience.

Koi Starter will bring value to its holders in the following ways:

For $CTR holders:

  • $CTR holders will participate in lower fundraising rounds of seed-stage projects (seed or private rounds).
  • Holders have the power to contribute directly to the protocol.
  • Holders can submit a project to be considered for investment, with the final decision being made by the KoiStarter team.

For projects:

  • Projects can access vital resources, industry exposure, networks and mentorship from the KoiStarter community.
  • Koi Innovation supports every project with marketing, KOLs, influencers, venture capital, exchanges, agencies and enables projects to shine on a global platform.

For VCs, Influencers and KoiStarter Partners:

  • Venture capitalists can save time by reviewing thousands of projects to determine growth potential.
  • Support Kols/VCs/Partners to expand their connections with quality and potential projects. is an app developed by Creator that provides original blockchain and cryptocurrency news coverage, ranging from insights, research, and webinars to events in the blockchain, crypto, and DeFi space constantly growing.

This platform will enable users to absorb knowledge and acquire information selectively before making decisions on project investments.

Creator strives to provide reliable information to the global blockchain community is expected to become one of the main arms of the Creator ecosystem to help the public navigate the ever-changing digital space by understanding and by embracing disruptive technologies.

Creator is on track to develop a multi-faceted NFT marketplace that will make it easier for users to join at a better price.

The Creator’s NFT Marketplace aims to display creations, collectibles, and other forms of digital assets and allow anyone to create their own NFTs with no code required.

Holders can use $CTR to purchase NFT creations which are redeemable for loyalty points, vouchers, gifts, and parachain rewards.

No code smart contract

The Creator Chain Network has always promoted products and services with solid fundamentals. The release of newly integrated platforms and upgrades is important to realizing Creator’s vision and long-term growth plans.

To keep up to date with the latest developments of the project, you can follow them on their website, telegram and media pages.


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