Sports betting trading prepares to join the growing betting landscape


As sports betting continues to evolve, Louisiana remains at the forefront. After the successful launch of mobile betting in January, the state will welcome the sports betting business next year. Sporttrade works much like Robinhood or Coinbase, except with sports instead of stocks. CEO Alex Kane says it brings a whole new dimension to the betting landscape.

“It’s a trading app that lets you take exactly how you might trade stocks, options, or cryptocurrencies and apply the exact same drive, excitement, entertainment, and fun to a sports outcome. “, did he declare.

Sports trading is new to the US, but has been active in the UK where betting exchanges account for nearly 10% of all bets. Kane says it’s an easy concept to understand and use because bettors no longer have to deal with point spreads or money lines.

“I think it’s maybe a more accessible form of betting,” Kane said. “It’s much simpler. When Louisiana customers see our mobile app and see the interface, they will see a much less cluttered and much simpler user experience. »

Sporttrade got involved in Louisiana prior to the launch of mobile betting, based on a number of factors. Last month’s record debut only solidified the company’s decision to locate here.

“We took a bit of a leap of faith on the state’s part knowing that he has a ton of sports fans, he has a really engaged fan base,” Kane said. “When we finally saw the January numbers, I think it was even beyond our expectations.”

Sporttrade will launch in New Jersey and Colorado this summer with a particular focus on professional and college football and basketball, Major League Baseball and professional golf.


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