Sorry, your iPhone XS Max home screen won’t work in landscape mode


If you own one of Apple’s Plus line iPhones, you could have turned the device sideways and the home screen icons would change to a landscape display.

But now that Apple has released a larger version of its iPhone X design with the new iPhone XS Max, you’re out of luck. The Max home screen no longer rotates horizontally.

Unfortunately, this is a feature, not a bug that will be fixed.

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Landscape mode on an iPhone initially appeared with the 6 Plus, the first large-screen iPhone, and continued through to 8 Plus last year. Landscape mode for the home screen was first seen on the Apple iPad tablet.

An Apple spokesperson confirmed that landscape mode was not available on the Max, but didn’t say why. I suspect it has to do with the notch, black bar at the top of iPhone X style phones that includes cameras, sensors, and speakers. The centered notch divides the status bar into left and right sides, a design that would create issues if the Max spun on its side.

However, landscape mode is still available in apps that support it, including Mail, Safari, Messages, Maps, Calendar, Photos, Camera, and more. Some apps don’t support it, like music and app store.

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And it’s also available in third-party apps where the developers have chosen to support it.

Since Apple did not say that the home screen behavior has changed on the Max, many users have reported it on the support forums as a flaw. But when contacted, Apple Support representatives told users the feature was no longer available.

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