Smother the stars taken with Clare’s stunning scenery


THE Giant’s Playground in the Burren was a place that made a big impression on Justine Mitchell who plays Elaine on the hit RTE show Smother.

The show was filmed in North Clare and in a Zoom call with the press last week, she said the location blew her away. “The giant’s playground in the Burren, it was amazing. It really felt like we had arrived there and moments before, like two dinosaurs had stopped fighting and turned around the corner somewhere. It has this ancient feeling, and it’s really good for your soul, you act like I’m so small, I’m so small!

She said the first shot of Smother’s second series helped evoke the feeling the Burren gave her. “We are tiny specks on this eternal landscape, and it’s so good for your head.”

James O’Donoghue, who plays him on screen, his son Calum, was also hugely impressed by the landscape of North Clare.

“We all felt like we were in a Star Wars movie! We were like it was amazing. It feels like you are on an alien planet, the way the landscape is cut out is amazing.

Justine said that for the most part the staff could do very little together. “We just couldn’t hang around. We longed to go down to Clahane or Lahinch beach and take a few tinnies, but it was always so cold, or we never made it. People’s birthdays and stuff like that, that was the weirdest thing.

“I was lucky, I had a little cottage in Clahane, my husband came and we brought our dog so it didn’t feel too intense or lonely, I had to go back to see him every night, this who was charming. If there is a season three, I imagine the restrictions will be relaxed and we could go for a pint together!

Smother has been one of RTE’s most popular shows for the past two years and continues this Sunday evening.


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