Select Hyundai vehicles now have Android Auto in landscape mode


According to 9to5google, the latest Android Auto update makes it big screen on some Hyundai vehicles. Almost all modern cars on the market today are equipped with infotainment systems with different screen sizes. Android Auto is also available in the majority of these vehicles. However, not all infotainment systems support large screen information display. The latest Android Auto update will resolve this issue for some Hyundai vehicles.

Android Auto is now available on widescreen for Hyundai vehicles
Hyundai isn’t the first company to receive Android Auto in its big-screen form. In early 2021, some Mazda, BMW and Skoda vehicles were able to go widescreen on their infotainment systems. The addition of widescreen support has benefits for the driver, including displaying widgets for music and maps on the side of the screen. The navigation is also accessible in a vertical form.

According to Reddit, some users have reported that they can now use Android Auto in its widescreen form after updating their software. This Reddit user sports the 2021 Hyundai Elantra which has a 10.5-inch screen and Android Auto. Before that, only two-thirds of the screen was usable for Android Auto. The Reddit user says he uses Android Auto in its wired form. Also, he should make sure to enable the “enable split-screen” development option. Additionally, the Redditor says his Android Auto wireless adapter turned off after the update, and he had to enable passthrough mode.

It looks like a similar update will be coming to Kia vehicles. According to the AutoEvolution report, some Kia vehicles now support Android Auto on the big screen after a major update. However, the news is not yet confirmed by the company. Since Hyundai and Kia vehicles share the same infotainment systems, adding widescreen support to some Kia vehicles after the update may confirm the AutoEvolution report.

Hyundai and Kia have yet to announce the official list of cars that will receive this update. However, if you own a 2021+ car of these brands, you can check your Android Auto for updates through the company’s website.

Summary of news:

  • Select Hyundai vehicles now have Android Auto in landscape mode
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