Sapna Reddy: full-time doctor and professional landscape photographer


Many passionate and talented photographers wonder if they should quit their full-time job to pursue professional photography. Sapna Reddy is a photographer who proves that’s not the case need to – she has a dual career as a full-time doctor and a professional landscape photographer.

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Based in Northern California, Reddy works as a radiologist who analyzes images to make a diagnosis in hopes of helping patients find cures. Outside of practicing medicine, however, Reddy has also achieved an impressive degree of success as a professional photographer.

She has won prestigious photo competitions organized by National Geographic, Lonely Planet and Outdoor Photographer. His work has been published internationally by well-known global companies and publications. She leads workshops around the world to help other photographers develop their creative styles and create meaningful photos.

Reddy’s photos are sold in art galleries in over 80 countries around the world, and a large percentage of the proceeds from his art sales go to charitable causes.

She is also a brand ambassador for Sony Alpha camera gear, GuraGear camera bags and NiSi Optics lens filters.

As a physician and photographer, Reddy is well versed in both the power of images to direct healing in patients as well as the healing power of images themselves for viewers. Interested in color theory and art therapy, Reddy’s goal is to use her creative expressions to create therapeutic visuals.

“As a radiologist, I try to find out what is wrong with the human body. As a photographer, I’m mainly looking for what’s right. This perfect arrangement of visual elements,” Reddy told SmugMug. “I think [radiology and photography] complement each other quite well. One is more intellectual. The other is more emotional. I like this balance.

Reddy’s two careers complement each other, as his work outside helps him recharge for his job at the hospital. The images she creates are also perfect on the walls of hospitals.

“After spending a lot of time outside, I felt more emotionally resilient when I returned to the hospital,” she says. “And I noticed that the walls in the hospital were very hard, we weren’t really creating an environment for healing. I think it’s very important to create the right environment for the mind in order for the body to heal.

“I went to the hospital board and asked them, ‘Why don’t we post pictures of nature?’ and they said, ‘Well, Sapna, if you want to see pictures of nature up there, why don’t you go get them?’ It gave me the impetus to look into the concept of visual therapy – what makes an image seem healing? »

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Other works by Reddy are available on his website, Instagram and Flickr.

Full disclosure: This article was brought to you by SmugMug.


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