Rejoice! iPhone Face ID will also work in landscape mode with iOS 16 update


The iOS 16 update will unlock Face ID equipped iPhone models in landscape orientation. Here are all the details.

iPhone Face ID is getting a serious upgrade with the iOS 16 update. iOS 16 is a big upgrade over iOS 15 for iPhones, bringing lots of new features to play with. The lock screen gets a major overhaul that allows for some major customization options, while there are new additions to Family Sharing as well as some nifty smart features. However, iOS 16 has quietly introduced another feature that could help millions of iPhone users once the update is released – it’s related to the Face ID system on the iPhone.

On the iOS 16 Preview webpage, browse through the wide range of features and you will see an addition to the Security section. This is where you will find the update – “As Face ID works in landscape mode on supported iPhone models.”. Therefore, Face ID will be able to unlock your iPhone or perform biometric verification even when you hold the iPhone in landscape orientation. This is very similar to the system found on the iPad Pro models.

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Face ID gets an upgrade on iPhones

Unfortunately, Apple does not specify which iPhone models have this feature. Therefore, all we know is that a number of iPhone models with the TrueDepth camera system will get this feature. It looks like the feature will require the advanced Face ID system, and it only seems to be present on the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series devices. It’s only these two devices that got the Face ID with Mask unlock feature. a few months ago, thanks to their updated sensors.

Apple has yet to announce the names of the iPhone devices that will support this feature, so you should keep an eye out for that.

With WWDC now over, the next big Apple event will be the iPhone 14 launch event. the Pro models get rid of this. The Face ID system will remain on these iPhone 14 Pro models and continue to work as intended – it’s only that the sensor will be housed inside a pill-shaped display cutout. The front camera will be placed inside the circular cutout.


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