Mastercard partners with Scybers to address rapidly changing risk landscape – Financial News


Mastercard recently announced a strategic partnership with “Scybers”, a global cybersecurity consulting and managed services company to bring Mastercard’s RiskRecon to Scybers customers. RiskRecon is a cybersecurity product from Mastercard that enables organizations to assess and manage cybersecurity threats and risks across supply chains and third-party vendors.

RiskRecon comes with a self-analysis tool capable of monitoring the cybersecurity performance of organizations using open source intelligence using passive and non-invasive techniques to discover an organization’s public systems and analyze the cybersecurity risk position of these systems.

As part of this partnership, Scybers will introduce RiskRecon to its existing and potential new customers across all industries with a digital presence and help them identify vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

Speaking on the partnership, Sandun Hapugoda, Country Manager, Sri Lanka and Maldives, Mastercard said, “In an ever-changing digital world, cybercrime has become a relevant threat to businesses. Large-scale data breaches and ransomware attacks put organizations and businesses at risk every year.

This partnership with Scybers is in line with Mastercard’s commitment to building a safe and secure cyberspace for businesses and individuals. We are excited to provide Scrybers customers with continuous, real-time information that will help them identify, resolve issues, and protect their businesses. »

Commenting on the partnership, Madu Ratnayake, Co-Founder and Chairman of Scybers, added, “Scybers is delighted to offer RiskRecon to organizations looking for an additional layer of protection to protect their business from the ever-increasing cybersecurity attacks that are taking place. amount to a high negative impact on reputation, penalties and remediation costs. Cybercriminals will also educate the market with Mastercard through workshops and webinars to help prevent cyber threats using RiskRecon. This is the start of a mutually beneficial partnership for all our stakeholders.


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