Madhuri Dixit and Neena Gupta discuss the changing content landscape for women


Neena Gupta and Madhuri Dixit discussed the changing Indian entertainment landscape in terms of female entertainers on the eve of International Women’s Day, and how this development can lead to a more inclusive atmosphere.

Neena Gupta, speaking on the occasion, said that the progress of the entertainment industry is perfectly in line with the evolution of society: “The entertainment space has evolved, along with our evolution as a society. As women become breadwinners, lead businesses and teams, and have become central characters in all aspects of life, the roles offered to me have become central to the story. Today’s scenarios, roles for women are not dependent on a man, but rather stand on their own.

Speaking on the sidelines of streaming platform ‘Stree-ming’ Women’s Day program, she added, “I love that every day I get to see more stories that reflect the lives of amazing women. – portraying all of their layers, nuances and flaws. It’s safe to say there’s no turning back. We’re not just part of the story, but we are the story.

She went on to say that much of the development of Indian media has come from the women who work behind the camera to create interesting stories. screen, inclusivity is key not only to amplify voices that aren’t always heard, but also because it creates opportunities for stories that might not have been told otherwise.

Madhuri Dixit Neena Gupta

Madhuri Dixit expressed her thoughts on this, saying, “There has been an evolution, and the evolution has been great. Women are no longer just pretty faces or avenging angels. Today, women are seen as people in their own right, playing different characters from different professions. – whether it’s a mathematician, a sportswoman or a housewife with unfulfilled aspirations, women are taking on different roles every day and it’s fascinating to see this change in the industry.”


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