Landscape Lighting Austin Company Announces Support for Veterans


Warriors for Light provides support to veterans organizations. The company strives to hire veterans for its professional staff.

Warriors For Light and James Weiland are pleased to announce that they are focused on helping veterans through their hiring practices. the Austin landscape lighting The company also provides financial assistance to some veterans organizations. Warriors for Light has the experience and knowledge to deliver a personal and enjoyable lighting experience for landscape lighting, party lighting, weddings, and more. Warriors who use lighting to brighten up the yard, home or event offer the perfect blend of personality and professionalism.

The Warriors For light team in Austin, TX, which is outdoor light professionals can provide a free demonstration of outdoor lighting. Experienced lighting warriors offer complete services, from lighting design to installation and maintenance. Installing exterior lighting around the home or business has several benefits. These include expanding the outdoor living space. Carefully designed outdoor lighting can brighten up gatherings, parties and meals, all year round. Throughout the year, landscape lighting can extend the time to enjoy the yard or garden. Proper lighting can turn the outdoor space into an extra room to enjoy on summer nights and provide a fantastic view from inside when winter arrives.

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Landscape lighting adds curb appeal to the property and is likely to increase property value. Lighting dramatically increases the value of any home with an affordable installation cost. Outdoor lighting contributes to the safety of residents. Lighting the yard helps prevent tripping and falling accidents when using the yard at night. The installation of exterior lights has a deterrent effect on unwanted visitors and criminals.

The lighting design team is authorized and creative. Each project is unique and requires a custom-designed display to enhance the beauty of the outdoor space. The team takes care of the installation, usually in one day. The installation crew places the lights and fixtures and buries the wire. They leave the jobsite clean and free of unwanted debris.

About the company:

Warriors For Light is veteran-centric. Experienced professionals take care of installed outdoor lighting for homes and businesses. They also prepare event lighting and holiday lighting displays.

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Company Name: warriors of light
Contact: James Weiland
E-mail: Send an email
Call: (512) 714-3150
Address:2024 E. Ben White Blvd., Suite 240A
Town: Austin
State: TX
The country: United States


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