Is this series coming in 2022? – Overview of the landscape


If you weren’t sold on the concept of another Selling Sunset spin-off before, the first official trailer for Selling The OC is guaranteed to convert you. Following the popularity of the original series, Netflix expanded the franchise to Orange County, California to follow a new group of gorgeous real estate salespeople working for the Oppenheim Group. Because the show is set at the Newport Beach headquarters, fans of The OC may recognize some of the locations.

Unlike the recent spin-off Selling Tampa, this series will follow real estate moguls Brett and Jason Oppenheim as they expand their burgeoning empire. Selling The OC is expected to bring significant glamor in the form of ocean front homes with sky-high prices, similar to its predecessor, but fans will also have full access to all the drama unfolding in the backstage.

It turns out that the new agency employs both male and female brokers, which, as you might expect, implies that desirable residences aren’t the only thing they compete for. Everything you need to know about Selling The OC, including how to follow new Oppenheim Group agents on Instagram.

Sell ​​OC release date

The Selling Sunset sequel does not yet have a release date. However, according to a recent report from Variety, production has already begun and the assembly is ready to hug TV screens with this new thrill for TV series fans to watch this summer. The OC Sale is expected to be available for streaming by mid to late 2022, given the short leadtime for TV.

Also, we would like to point out that the likely release date is only theoretical at the moment, and many of them are just speculation on social media. We therefore advise fans to wait a little longer because, like the teaser, Netflix will most likely provide specific dates in the coming weeks. Things are progressing according to the network schedule, which is always a good sign.

“In Season 5, Oppenheim gives his Sunset colleagues a quick tour of OC’s new headquarters,” according to the show’s creator. Adam DiVello on Netflix Tudum. Although Selling the OC shares a lot of DNA with its Los Angeles-based predecessor, DiVello warns viewers not to expect the same from his new show. “There are both men and girls in the cast, which is unusual.”

“This development is a huge departure from Sunset, where men outside of the Oppenheim family are purse-like props, and from sibling show Selling Tampa, which values ​​men more for their ability to buy a mansion (and thus generate this big commission) than anything else,” he continued.

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Sell ​​OC Cast

Sell ​​OC release date

The season finale of “Selling Sunset” not only confirmed the new office, but also introduced some of the new cast members. The show will be based out of the Oppenheim Group’s Newport Beach office and will feature an all-new team of real estate agents. Brandi Marshall, who has worked with the Oppenheim brothers for a while and spends a lot of time on social media as an influencer focusing on home improvement ideas, was the first agent to be introduced.

Austin Victoria was also added to the cast. He spent several years as an actor and model, so he’s a natural fit for this franchise. Alexandra Hall, who specializes in interior design as well as luxury home marketing, is the third and final new agent confirmed to date.

Fans speculated if cast members of “Selling Sunset,” particularly Heather Rae Young, who now lives in Newport Beach, could join the new office. Despite being listed as an agent at the new office, she does not appear to be present through Women’s Health.

Jason Oppenheim expressed his thoughts on the new office: “When I’m here, we spend a lot of time together, like we did in Los Angeles. Many of these agents have become good friends of mine, and I have to say that the performance of the office has far exceeded my expectations” via Architectural Digest.

Sell ​​the OC land

Sell ​​OC release date

According to Entertainment Weekly, Selling the OC will follow a new group of real estate agents as they compete for a spot at the Oppenheim Group’s second location on the Orange County waterfront.

“New Hot List,” Netflix said in a statement on the OC sale. A new group of realtors is competing for a spot in the Oppenheim Group’s second location in Orange County. Will these agents be able to withstand the stress? The creator and executive producer of Selling Sunset created and produces Selling The OC.

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Sell ​​OC Episodes

Sell ​​OC release date

Although the exact episode count of Selling the OC has yet to be revealed, many fans have speculated that the series will follow in the footsteps of its predecessor Selling Sunset and consist of at least 8-11 episodes, as we sees it in previous seasons. of Selling Sunset, which was retained for series consistency.

Moreover, at present, it is only hearsay. In the coming months, Netflix will announce the actual episode count, which will be confirmed by the show’s creators. Accordingly, we recommend that fans wait patiently.

Is there a trailer to sell the OC?

No, Netflix only released a teaser for the new show, which premiered during Season 5 of the Selling Sunset cast reunion special. There’s still time to produce the official trailer, letting fans see how the show handles agents in real life. Meanwhile, watch this exclusive clip from the reunion special, in which Jason Oppenheim talks about his split from Chrishell Stause and sobs.


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