Irrigation repairs lead to increased budget for downtown revitalization landscaping project


Smithers City Council voted to increase the budget for the Downtown Landscaping Revitalization Project.

This is due to irrigation repairs that are required to maintain the original design and contract landscape replacement areas.

The budget increased by $100,000 to a total of $1,260,000 from an original budget of $1,160,000.

According to city staff, during excavation of the planting areas in the central median of Main Street and Broadway Avenue, it was discovered that the irrigation lines had been severely damaged due to freezing temperatures. the water.

They added that after discussions with Town Parks staff, there may be similar damage in the central median planting areas between Broadway and Alfred avenues.

It is expected that the cost to the contractors to complete the repairs on Main Street from Broadway to Alfred Avenue is $66,100.

To repair the irrigation lines, the contractor shall remove the red brick pavers from the median, remove the curb and gutter and asphalt from Main Street to replace the secondary supply line to the median and the side lines in the median.

Repairs will also require asphalt and curb patches which are outside the scope of work in the contract and beyond the contingency of the project.

Staff said the funds will come from the Northern Capital Planning Grant.


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