iPadOS 15 finally lets you use iPhone apps in landscape mode

Rotating your iPad is no longer necessary.
Image: Cult of Mac

iPadOS 15 brings a big improvement to iPhone apps on a larger screen, finally letting you use them in landscape mode. The change even supports apps that don’t have their own landscape view, like Instagram.

Running iPhone apps on iPad has never been a particularly great experience. It’s certainly nowhere near as great as having a proper iPad interface. But for some reason, many apps are still designed just for iPhone.

When running on iPad today, they are only displayed in portrait mode. This is especially frustrating for those using a Magic or Smart Keyboard, as they have to pull out their device and turn it over.

iPadOS 15 will finally fix this issue this fall.

iPadOS 15 lets iPhone apps switch to landscape mode

In iPadOS 15, when you open an iPhone app in landscape mode, it will respect the orientation of your device. You won’t be required to switch to portrait, even if you’re using portrait-only apps, like Instagram.

While you’ll still see large black borders when using apps without a dedicated iPad interface, this change makes all the difference for those who regularly need to use iPhone apps on a larger screen.

Plus, the switch is automatic – it doesn’t depend on developers to make changes to their apps – so you can use it right away.

iPadOS 15 is coming this fall

iPadOS 15, like iOS 15, is expected to make its public debut this fall and will be a free update for all compatible devices. The first developer beta is now available, but we recommend avoiding it until it’s more stable.

In the coming weeks, Apple is expected to release a public beta of iPadOS 15 with many startup issues fixed. We’ll let you know when it’s available for download.


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