How to Read Kindle Books in Landscape Mode


Using your Kindle in landscape mode might seem strange at first, but it’s a great way to read your books and PDFs.

Reading a Kindle in portrait mode feels natural and intuitive for most users. After all, it’s the default mode on the devices, especially since they’re all (except the square Kindle Oasis) shaped like vertical rectangles.

However, there may be times, such as when reading a PDF file, where landscape mode is more suitable. Here’s how to change the orientation of your Kindle.


Use Landscape Mode on Your Kindle

First, open your book and tap somewhere near the top of the screen. This brings up a button labeled Aawhich means parameters.

Select this button. A panel at the bottom of your screen will appear, containing all the settings you can change to improve your Kindle reading experience. For example, you change the font size on your Kindle or even view your reading progress.

In the bar at the top of the panel, select Arrangement. This brings up settings related to how the words look on your screen, not only orientation but also Margins, Alignment, and Spacing.

The Margins option lets you choose how much white space you want on either side of your text. Alignment is not available for all books, but it depends on the position of your text on the screen: left, right or center.

Orientation, which we’ll focus on now, is the setting that determines whether your Kindle books are in portrait or landscape mode. You will see that by default, portrait mode is selected.

Press the landscape icon next to portrait (it’s the icon that looks like a page in a horizontal position). It may take a moment, but your text will now flip and reorient itself so that the writing flows along the long edge rather than the short edge.

Turning Pages has also been reoriented to landscape mode. You can now press the short edge of your Kindle to go to the next or previous page.​​​​​​​

Landscape mode works on all Kindles

The last thing you need to know is that this feature applies to any Kindle. It’s worth noting that the Kindle Oasis has a gyroscope, but it only automatically rotates text when you turn the device 180 degrees, not 90 degrees.

It uses this feature so you can hold the device with your left or right hand. But if you want to use landscape mode, you will still need to follow these steps.


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