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Nintendo’s decision to add landscape mode to Mario Kart Tour makes the game feel more like a real deal. That said, it can be annoying to rotate your phone every time you want to play in landscape orientation. It can be even more annoying when the game switches between landscape view and portrait view in the middle of a lively race. Fortunately, there is a way to ensure that every competition is played on the big screen.

To get started, make sure you are running the 2.4.0 update for both ios and Android version of Mario Kart Tour. This is when the landscape view was introduced. Then open the app and then tap on the initial home screens or download pages until you find yourself on the game selection screen. Now tap on “Menu” at the bottom right, then on “Settings”. Here you will find the Race screen section, which includes three display modes for the game: Portrait, Portrait / Landscape and Landscape.

By default, Nintendo sets you to Portrait / Landscape, which allows you to switch between display modes by simply rotating your phone. However, Landscape forces every race to play on the big screen, regardless of how you flip your phone. All you have to do is hit Landscape, start a race, and enjoy it.

You can even access all three display options from the race settings in case you change your mind later. Just tap the Settings cog and choose your view.

Portrait / Landscape (top) vs Landscape (bottom).

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