Global Micro-Displays Market Overview and Competitive Landscape to 2030 | $ 5.5 Billion Opportunity, Mainly Due to Growing Use of NTE Devices –


DUBLIN – (COMMERCIAL THREAD)–The “Micro-Displays Market Research Report – Analysis of the Global Industry and Competitive Landscape to 2030” the report was added to offer.

The global micro-display market is expected to reach $ 5,535.6 million by 2030, growing from $ 1,145.6 million in 2020 to a CAGR of 17.1% between 2020 and 2030. This will mainly result from the ” growing use of near-eye devices (NTE), such as head-mounted displays (HMD) and electronic viewfinders (EVF), and the growing demand for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) with head-up displays ( HUD).

Due to the growing number of road accidents, which already kill more than 1.3 million people each year, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), ADAS has been made mandatory by several countries. For example, as part of the Tech-Celerate Now program, the US Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is integrating ADAS into Class 7 and 8 commercial vehicles, which has driven demand for HUD and, in turn, micro-screens.

Micro Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) have the highest sales because they are small and economical and consume less electricity. Micro LCD displays are prominent in HMDs, HUDs, thermal imaging glasses, EVFs, and portable devices.

Micro-display market players have achieved the most sales from projector manufacturers due to the growing demand for data projectors in the business and education sectors.

The integration of micro-displays will probably increase the fastest in the automotive sector in the years to come with the mandatory installation of ADAS, with the aim of helping drivers and making roads safer.

The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively affected the sale of these components by temporarily halting their production and trade and reducing the demand for end products, such as projectors, HMDs, EVFs, and HUDs.

Regionally, Asia Pacific (APAC) is expected to witness the fastest advance of the micro-display market in the near future, continuing its historic dominance. The region is home to the world’s largest automotive and consumer electronics industries, resulting in high sales of HUDs and HMDs. So, with the increase in the sale of automobiles with ADAS integrated into the HUD, video game consoles that come with HMDs, and portable medical devices, the market is booming here.

Due to the presence of large companies, such as eMagin Corporation, Jasper Display Corp., Himax Technologies Inc., Yunnan OLiGHTEK Opto-Electronic Technology Co. Ltd., Micron Technology Inc., WiseChip Semiconductor Inc., Seiko Epson Corporation, Microtips Technology Inc., Kopin Corporation, LG Display Co. Ltd., Sony Corporation and Universal Display Corporation, the micro-display market is very competitive. To stay on top, these companies are launching new variations of these components.

Key topics covered

Chapter 1. Research Context

Chapter 2. Research methodology

2.1 Secondary research

2.2 Primary research

2.3 Market size estimate

2.4 Data triangulation

2.5 Currency conversion rates

2.6 Assumptions for the study

2.7 Notes and warnings

2.8 Impact of COVID-19

Chapter 3. Executive summary

Chapter 4. Presentation

4.1 Definition of market segments

4.1.1 By technology ACL LCOS OLED DLP

4.1.2 By product type NTE device EVF HMD RA RV HUD Projector Pico projector Data projector Others

4.1.3 By brightness Less than 500 nits 500-1000 nits More than 1000 nits

4.1.4 By the end user Consumer electronics Industrial Automotive Military & Defense Sports and entertainment Retail trade and hotels Medical devices Others

4.2 Value chain analysis

4.3 Market dynamics

4.3.1 Trends Use of OLED micro-screens in consumer electronics

4.3.2 Drivers Growing adoption of ADAS integrated with HUD Increase in the number of NTE applications Impact analysis of engines on market forecasts

4.3.3 Constraints Declining market for digital cameras High manufacturing costs associated with micro-displays Impact analysis of restrictions in market forecasts

4.3.4 Opportunities Development of new generation micro-led technology

4.4 Porter’s five forces analysis

Chapter 5. Global Market Size and Forecast

5.1 By technology

5.2 By product type

5.2.1 NTE Device, by Type HMD, by type

5.2.2 Projector, by Type

5.3 By brightness

5.4 By the end user

5.5 By region

Chapter 6. North America Market Size and Forecast

Chapter 7. Europe Market Size and Forecast

Chapter 8. APAC Market Size and Forecast

Chapter 9. LATAM Market Size and Forecast

Chapter 10. MEA Market Size and Forecast

Chapter 11. Competitive landscape

11.1 List of other players and their offers

11.2 Ranking of key players

11.3 Competitive benchmarking of key players

11.4 Global strategic developments of key players

11.4.1 Product launches

11.4.2 Partnerships

11.4.3 Expansion of facilities

11.4.4 Customer wins

Chapter 12. Company Profiles

12.1 Emagin Corporation

12.1.1 Company overview

12.1.2 Product and service offerings

12.1.3 Key financial summary

12.2 Himax Technologies Inc.

12.3 Jasper Display Corp.

12.4 Yunnan Olightek Opto-Electronic Technology Co. Ltd.

12.5 Wisechip Semiconductor Inc.

12.6 Micron Technology Inc.

12.7 Seiko Epson Corporation

12.8 Kopin Company

12.9 Micropoint Technology Inc.

12.10 LG Display Co. Ltd.

12.11 Universal display company

12.12 Sony Corporation

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