elevate marketing strategies in an ever-changing landscape


How can you use online channels and media to grow your brand as the digital landscape becomes increasingly fragmented? What’s the best and most cost-effective way for big-box stores to expand their e-commerce operations? What really shapes digital TV advertising?

These are just some of the questions covered later Campaign Breakfast Briefing organized in Leeds, in partnership with MediaCom.

“Brand [building] was a bit intangible for some of our team members, who – working in financial services – were much more comfortable with performance marketing where you can show measurable returns,” explained Lynne Cook, Head of Marketing and the mark at Skipton Building Society. lots of data from IPA and other sources to make the case for building a long-term brand. We need to slowly shift the budget to building a brand to demonstrate the validity of this as a long-term investment.

“Branding is the number one tool we have to increase profitability,” said Danny Micklethwaite, vice president of marketing at dairy giant Arla Foods. “One of the biggest changes that food brands have to adapt to is the growth of e-commerce. This means there is a much greater overlap between [online] brand building activity and activity to drive sales. This means we have the ability to walk the customer through the entire journey, from viewing a great creative to final conversion on a website. »

Bigger video, less audience
Market volatility has raised a series of challenges in digital branding. “It used to be really easy,” said Ben Moakler, MediaCom’s planning director. “Everyone watched television every day. But the reach has eroded for some audiences over the past 20 years. We know that video formats are really good at telling moving stories and getting a response. And we are watching more videos than ever, just through different channels.

Johnathan Romero, global head of e-commerce data at hair accessories specialist ghd, explained how his products, previously sold in salons, developed a successful e-commerce strategy. He described the company’s work to overcome technical debt, the importance of simplicity in strategy, and the value of experimentation.

“Our opinions on our own stores and platforms are generally wrong,” he said. “We spend a lot of time sitting at our desks on big screens, looking at our websites. It’s completely the wrong thing to do. Customers are on the phone, shopping while they’re in bed, whatever. That’s why it’s so important to research and experiment to find out what your customer really wants from you.

a long way to go
Viv Yau (pictured below, left) – the founder of influencer marketing agency, Bee Influence – spoke about the need for diversity when working with influencers. “Best practice, and unfortunately it’s not yet industry-wide, is to ask how we can be more diverse in our marketing campaigns. When I was growing up, I didn’t see anyone who looked like me on TV.

“Even today, people who look like me, and who are more marginalized than me, are completely erased in some campaigns. Diversity is a key part of building brand equity. So how can we make diversity a tangible way to measure success?”

Beth Oddy, head of LADcreator at the LADbible group, spoke extensively about the need to follow best practices when working with influencers. “Having to be responsive and agile in the current environment, you really need to call on a partner who can pivot quickly. Everything needs to be backed up with data and information. And brand safety is super important. You must ensure that everyone you work with is approved by the IAB and complies with applicable guidelines. »

Nick Mullins, Regional Sales Director at Sky Media, discussed the future of digital TV advertising and how to maximize returns from addressable video. A key theme was continuity even in the face of change. “We keep a good percentage of the linear audience live,” he said, “they just watch on different channels. We have YouTube sports channels that get millions of impressions. Does watching Sky Sports or is it digital?Just follow where the audience is watching.

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