Changing landscape of systemic therapy in bile duct cancer


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Cancers (Basel). 2022 Apr 25;14(9):2137. doi: 10.3390/cancers14092137.


Biliary tract cancers (BTC) are often diagnosed at advanced stages and have a serious outcome due to limited systemic options. The combination of gemcitabine and cisplatin (GC) has been the first-line standard for more than a decade. Second-line chemotherapy (CT) options are limited. Targeted therapy or TT (fibroblast growth factor 2 or FGFR2 inhibitors, isocitrate dehydrogenase 1 or IDH-1, and neurotrophic tyrosine receptor kinase or NTRK gene fusion inhibitors) have had reasonable success, but

PMID:35565266 | DO I:10.3390/cancer14092137


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