British landscape gardener killed by Russian troops while serving as a volunteer medic with Ukrainian forces


A LANDSCAPE gardener from Norfolk who was serving as a volunteer medic with Ukrainian forces was killed by Russian troops while on patrol.

Craig Stanley Mackintosh, 48, was reportedly shot dead on Wednesday last week when his team was ambushed.


Craig Stanley Mackintosh was allegedly shot in the neck on Wednesday last weekCredit: East Anglia News Service
Mr Mackintosh leaves behind two daughters and two stepdaughters


Mr Mackintosh leaves behind two daughters and two stepdaughtersCredit: East Anglia News Service

It is believed he was shot in the neck while trying to help a wounded comrade in a vehicle hit by a tank shell near the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv.

His sister Lorna Mackintosh revealed in a Facebook post that he had “died in action saving lives like a true hero”.

Mr Mackintosh of Thetford, Norfolk, who had two daughters and two stepdaughters, had served in the Territorial Army between the ages of 16 and 23 when he had ambitions of becoming a full-time soldier.

But an inoperable cyst near his brain meant he failed a medical to join the British Army, and he became a landscape gardener and arborist.

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After an accident involving a chainsaw left him in constant pain, he decided to volunteer to join the Ukrainian war effort as a medic, leaving the UK on March 24.

He returned briefly in April for a period of leave before embarking on a second tour with a volunteer team in Ukraine in early August.

Lorna from Thetford said: “He told us it would be his ‘last hurray’ before ‘returning to Blighty to be a gardener’ in October.”

She added: “It had always been his dream to serve in the armed forces, and watching the conflict unfold and seeing the devastation, he decided he wanted to come out and help people.

“Craig was the kind of person who saw a difficult situation and tried to make someone laugh. He was a real morale booster and very funny.

“He was well-known and well-liked and won the respect of entire villages – all he wanted to do was help people.”

Her family has now started a gofundme appeal to try to raise the money to bring his body home.

Writing on the gofundme page, which has so far raised over £4,100, Lorna said: “Please help bring this war hero home.

“Our brother bravely volunteered to go to (Ukraine) as a doctor to help save lives in this war-torn country. In the line of duty, helping others, he lost his life.

“This selfless man is currently stuck in a morgue in Ukraine and there is no help to bring him home. We have spoken to an international undertaker and it will cost around £4,000 to have him repatriated to the Kingdom -United.

“He gave his life to save others and he must return home to have the service he deserves. True hero service surrounded by family and friends. Please, please , help bring our hero home.

In another Facebook post, she added, “Craig touched the hearts of many here and in Ukraine and will always be remembered as a true hero.”

Mr Mackintosh’s other sister, Claire, said: ‘We still don’t get the full picture. We were offered tidbits of information from kind-hearted volunteers who gave us what they know.

“We believe there has been a serious lack of support to help bring his body back to England and those volunteering on the front line.”

Turner Funerals of Thetford arrange to bring Mr Mackintosh’s body back to his home town.

Craig Stanley Mackintosh decided to volunteer to join the Ukrainian war effort as a medic after a chainsaw accident


Craig Stanley Mackintosh decided to volunteer to join the Ukrainian war effort as a medic after a chainsaw accidentCredit: East Anglia News Service

Company director Lydia Turner said her partner Mal Offen and another member of staff would travel more than 1,700 miles through France, Germany and Poland to retrieve his body from a morgue in the city. from Lozova.

She said: “It’s impossible to fly to Ukraine, so we’ll drive there. We have to fill out a lot of paperwork. But the British consulate helps us get everything we need.

“The main thing is that his family feared that he would be alone during the trip back here. We were able to assure them that we would accompany him until the end.

Mr Mackintosh’s friend George Dyson, who served with him as a medic in Ukraine, said on social media he was killed when his unit was “immobilized” and suffered casualties.

He said his friend was “helping to help his fellow soldiers and running across open ground” when he “was sadly shot down by Orcs”.

My Dyson added: “This man deserves a medal and more. I spoke to Craig every day before returning to Ukraine for the second time.

“He was a great guy with a big heart and an amazing sense of humor. I just spoke to one of the guys who was attached to Craig’s team and he said Craig had a fight with great bravery and honor and that he was a very brave man.

“I send my deepest condolences and sympathy to his family, friends and loved ones. RIP Brave Warrior”


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