Breaking News – New Sales Landscape Force On SA Bloodstock


Greg Bortz – “a logical extension of the brand” (photo: hamishNIVENPhotography)

Cape Racing has announced the creation of a new Thoroughbred Sales Division to run blood auctions in the Western Cape.

All profits made by this division will be channeled into stakes and contribute alongside other Cape Racing initiatives aimed at ensuring the longevity and sustainability of racing in the province.

Greg Bortz, Executive Chairman Elect of Cape Racing, said, “The creation of a thoroughbred sales division is a logical extension of our brand. Additionally, we are completely focused on creating revenue streams that stay in the race and are used for the profit and growth of the race. The majority of breeders in the country are based in Cape Town, so I’m sure they’ll be delighted to see the proceeds from sales made in our province go into the local stakes pot. We’re also excited to welcome all breeders from across the country to come and participate in our sales events – if the races win, we all win, and we’re all on the same team here! »

Justin Vermaak, Head of Race Operations for Cape Racing, added: “The Western Cape seems the logical region to host auctions as (i) the majority of horses on offer do not have to travel great distances to get to sales; (ii) it is located in the appropriate quarantine area; (iii) it is frequented by leading local and international buyers; and (iv) may be organized to coincide with major star races in the mother city as well as other major social events in and around the city. We look forward to adding to the national sales calendar and hopefully helping to positively elevate our fantastic breeding industry. ”

Details of the planned sales schedule will be announced in the coming weeks.


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