ATOLL is a camera angle adjustment tool for landscape photographers


Landscape photographers often run into the frustration of having to change the angle of their camera when mounted on a tripod. Silence Corner believe they have created a quick and easy solution to this problem with the ATOLL.

Silence Corner says the new system has been designed specifically for landscape photographers to best provide the ability to quickly and accurately adjust the angle of a camera when mounted on a tripod to achieve the best possible cliche. According to the product specifications, the new mounting system allows adjustments from zero to 180 degrees with zero, 90 and 180 degree “stop points” that allow photographers to quickly change between each with a center of rotation based around of the lens which provides for much more precise photo compositions.

The company says this mount allows for quick lens changes without having to remove the camera from the tripod mount, works quickly and easily in an “upside down” mounted position, and is simple to use even in the dark. .

ATOLL Centerline Comparison

“When you use the ball head to change the orientation of the camera from horizontal to vertical, it takes a long time to readjust the level and position of the target, and you may miss the best photo opportunity “, explains the company. By rotating the camera, it can be freely adjusted from zero degrees to 180 degrees. The angle can be easily fixed by simply tightening the knob.

Silence Corner says its ATOLL solves the most common problem landscape photographers face, even when using an L-bracket.

“The L-bracket mount is a common solution for portrait photography, but when you go from landscape to portrait, you have to remove it from the ball joint and remount it. Additionally, the L-bracket will block the side-hinged vari-angle screen and shutter release cable. If the camera doesn’t have a battery grip (like the Nikon Zfc), it can be rotated 360 degrees.

The ATOLL allows for a “freestyle” rotating design that provides smooth movement and accommodates a wide variety of camera models and lenses, and the design features a stable center of gravity, which provides the peace of mind that the equipment will not be unbalanced or fall over during use.

Reverse use of ATOLL

The images above show the Sony, Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Panasonic, Leica and Olympus systems currently supported by the ATOLL system.

Supporting the ATOLL Project starts at $69 for Super Early Access and goes up to $149 for an ATOLL Double Pack. Shipping is expected to begin by October 2022. A full list of all available pledge, stretch goals, and reward options can be found on the company’s Kickstarter page.

Disclaimer: Be sure to do your own research on any crowdfunding project you are considering supporting. Although our goal is to only share legitimate and trustworthy campaigns, there is always a real risk that you will lose your money when supporting a crowdfunding project.


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