Arit Anderson will co-chair the SGD symposium exploring how garden and landscape design can help tackle the climate crisis


Bringing together some of the world’s most influential garden and landscape designers, the symposium will tackle some of the most pressing issues related to climate change and biodiversity, with the aim of giving everyone working in the industry the guidance, training and the tools they need to create gardens. that have a low environmental impact; as well as the opportunity to meet, share ideas and be inspired by some of the greatest gardens and landscaping in the world.

Arit joins SGD Vice President Andrew Duff MSGD guiding speakers and delegates through two days of talks, panel discussions and panel discussions, to help develop an industry-leading approach to sustainable garden design.

Speaking about the topic and his role at the Symposium, Arit said: “With each passing year, creating gardens in the 21st century requires more than designing something that looks good. The environment, sustainability, biodiversity, ecosystem services and human well-being must be the DNA that we integrate seamlessly into every landscape we work on.

“It’s nothing more than an idealistic dream, if our customers don’t pay for sustainable options or if our suppliers don’t have or charge more for green solutions…and how do we know that’s is “green” anyway? How do we really know if we are doing more good than harm? And can our sector really make a difference in the face of a global crisis?

“At the SGD Symposium, these uncomfortable questions and many more need to be asked if we are ever to develop unified solutions that could eventually make a difference in our changing world. It is an honor to be asked, but a responsibility to help ensure that every voice counts in this audience of landscape and design professionals, as their knowledge, opinions and thoughts will contribute to a new SGD manifesto.

Two other speakers have also been announced: landscaper and award-winning landscaper Rachel Bailey MSGD and Dr. Phil AskewDirector of Landscape and Placemaking at Peabody.

They will join Dan Pearson OBE FSGD, Bernard Trainor, Charlie Harpur and Marianne Boswall MSGD as keynote speakers at the symposium, while Sarah Eberle FSGD, Advolly Richmond, David Stevens FSGD, Thomas Massey MSGD, Jo Gibbons, Noel Kingsbury, Catherine Heatherington FSGD and Giacomo Guzzon, will organize a series of lively round tables. *

Lynne Marcus MSGD, President of the SGD, said: “Arit is passionate about using her position as a journalist and presenter to raise awareness of the crucial role that gardens and garden design can play in the future of the planet.

“As an industry, we should all be doing this, encouraging our customers, suppliers and the general public to engage on climate change and sustainability issues. The symposium aims to empower us to do just that. and we are absolutely thrilled to have Arit as our co-chair, guiding us through the many insights and strategies our speakers and delegates will share, and ultimately helping to shape the way forward for the entire industry.

Tickets for the symposium are available for purchase for one or two days. Delegates attending the event on day one and those with 2-day tickets will be invited to attend a celebratory evening on June 9 at the beautiful new gardens at RHS Wisley, all of which have been designed by members of SGD – Ann-Marie Powell MSGD and Matt Keightly MSGD (with a blueprint by Christopher Bradley-Hole MSGD).

For those unable to attend the live event, discussions from the symposium will also be streamed live via Zoom.

* Given the importance of the environmental issues discussed at the Symposium, the DMS has implemented a no-fly policy for the event. With that in mind, Noel Kingsbury will be speaking via a live link from his home in Portugal. The DMS will also encourage delegates, where possible, to use public transport to get to the event.

Early Bird tickets are available until May 12, 2022.


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