ALUS Red Deer County Promotes Landscape Resilience Through Rotational Grazing


During the visit, officials said participants learned about pasture management and the infrastructure (fencing and watering) needed. Participants also learned how the ALUS program can help more farmers and ranchers implement rotational grazing with funding and expertise.

Similar events, which will be open to the public, will take place on August 23 and 24. The events are free and should feature ALUS-supported riparian pasture management projects in Red Deer County.

Participants are expected to learn:

  • how to determine riparian health along wetlands and streams;
  • how to manage the grazing that can occur in these sensitive areas so that the natural environment is valued;
  • and how to use important riparian pasture management tools like temporary electric fencing.

To learn more about this, contact Red Deer County ALUS Coordinator Ken Lewis at 403-505-9038 or [email protected]

Officials said Red Deer County is one of several communities across Canada offering an ALUS program, in partnership with ALUS (for more information, see

ALUS supports farmers and ranchers who adopt farming practices that benefit the natural environment. ALUS provides cost-share funding to establishment and annual management payments to farmers and ranchers. Since 2013, ALUS Red Deer County has worked with over 140 local farmers and ranchers to improve the natural environment on nearly 10,000 acres of land.


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