Almost a year later, Mario Kart Tour switches to landscape mode


Mario Kart Tour Finally gets big screen support almost a year after its initial launch. The option to switch your phone to landscape mode was a key feature missing when the Mario kart The mobile iteration of the series was released last year.

Released in September 2019, Mario Kart Tour introduced the popular kart racing series to smartphones. Unlike previous installments, in-game controls are streamlined – you don’t need to press any buttons to speed up your character, you can just tap your screen to use items, and you can swipe left or right or tilt your phone to steer.

Following its release, Mario Kart Tour became the most downloaded free-to-play iPhone game of 2019. At launch, the game was disappointing in part due to the lack of some key features that make the game Mario kart nice series. This included the lack of real-time multiplayer, which was added in March. Before that, you could only race against computer controlled opponents.

My colleague Andrew Webster wrote in his review that although Mario Kart Tour does’ just enough to feel like Mario kart“, he felt it was more focused on microtransactions and in-app purchases than a generally fun game. The game is free to download and play, but you can spend real money to access new features and items. , such as a faster 200cc mode if you have purchased the “Gold Pass” subscription.


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