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Millions of poinsettias are purchased each year as decoration and gifts. Sales continue to increase every year as people use the plant to create the festive atmosphere. Poinsettias are the epitome of the Christmas season and reflect holiday decorating trends. While the traditional rich red poinsettia in a six-inch pot will generate the most sales, some 2021 poinsettia trends could help inspire your holiday decor.

1. The gardens of mixed poinsettia dishes make a statement. Displaying multiple gifts in a garden, retailers mix colorful poinsettias with other potted flowers like orchids, amaryllis, cyclamen, tropical houseplants, Norfolk Island pine, dusty sucker, conifers and branches. These plants did not grow together in this dish and cannot stay together in the dish indefinitely, but do have an impact when grouped together.

2. Create your own garden masterpiece by using moss to cover the tops of the pots nestled in a decorative farmhouse basket. It’s best to leave plants separate in order to meet their individual watering needs and keep them separate after the holidays. While the poinsettia is in full color, you’ll want to avoid the sun, but other leafy plants won’t thrive if they haven’t returned to the sun within three to four weeks.

3. Painted and glittery poinsettias are a great way to bring blues, pinks, purples, and sparkle into holiday decor. While there are so many different colors and patterns of poinsettias, some colors are still elusive. The floral design paint and glitter spray were probably sprayed on an off-white variety to match your decor. Can’t find these non-traditional applications or the right color, consider heading to a craft store for some floral spray paint and / or glitter, or requesting it at your favorite garden center.

4. Red will reign supreme this holiday season, but yellow poinsettias are entering the color mix this year more daringly than ever. This light, vibrant color is a beacon in the greenhouse and is reminiscent of fall colors, making it viable as a decoration for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Breeders are always on the lookout for pure white. Over the years, the color has become more pure, but most people still see cream or off-white. Bold red and white speckled Jingle Bell poinsettia and peach-fuchsia ice punch might be the new poinsettia color for you.

5. Mini poinsettias are making their debut in table decoration. If you see some at your local retailers, buy plenty of them for a truly unique tabletop display during the holidays.

6. Cats and poinsettias really aren’t holiday enemies. You can be a cat / dog person and decorate for the holidays with these quintessential plants. Although precautions should be taken to avoid ingestion, poinsettias are considered only mildly toxic and serious complications are rare.

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Kelly Allsup is a horticultural teacher at the University of Illinois in Livingston, McLean and Woodford counties.


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