Adrian Smith expresses his excitement at the opportunities presented by the Saudi cityscape


World-renowned architect Adrian Smith said Saudi Arabia is rapidly moving towards being one of the most developed countries. This follows the Kingdom experiencing unprecedented transformation and remarkable growth since the launch of Saudi Vision 2030 in 2016, which captured global attention.

Smith explained that he was very excited about the many opportunities that await designers and architects to shape the Kingdom’s architectural landscape, creating more advanced buildings and contributing to its growing success.

In an interview with Asharq Al-Awsat, the designer and partner of “Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture” pointed out that Saudi Arabia has worked to diversify its economy without depending on oil.

According to Smith, the huge projects the Kingdom has unveiled in recent years will be key to achieving its ambitions, stressing that the size of these projects, their innovative designs and their method of construction will play a key role in launching new industries in the Kingdom. .

Smith revealed that he was eager to cooperate and provide architectural services to Saudi businessman Abdulaziz Al-Turki, chairman of the board of “Rawabi Holding”, “Nesma & Partners” and ” Magnum Real Estate Company”, at a time when he plans to work with other investors to develop large projects in the region.

He explained that architectural designs have evolved over the years to become more diverse and sustainable, ranging from designing small spaces to famous and huge buildings.

Today’s engineers and architects are more aware and concerned about the environment – ​​a correct trend given the rise in carbon emissions and their continued impact on the safety and well-being of future generations.

Additionally, architects are increasingly interested in human-centered experiences, design concepts that consider the relationship between urban structure and people’s needs.

When designing for a country like Saudi Arabia, climate and geography play an important role, and engineers and designers must design concepts that take into account the religious and cultural characteristics of the country, Smith explained.

As Saudi Arabia continues its transformation in line with the vision of its ambitious leadership, it is important to combine the functional and design aspects of projects while ensuring that costs remain under control, he stressed.


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